Downloading Gehrimed

If you have not downloaded Gehrimed to your device here are links to do that.

If you are using an apple computer (MAC) you can download it directly from the app store here.

If you are using a Windows machine here is the link to download it. -> Download

Gehrimed is NOT compatible with mobile phones. It is available for IPad through the app store here.

Chart Review Guidelines

The Collaborating Physician will complete 5 Chart Reviews per APRN Bi-Annually.

  • The Collaborating Physician will select 5 random patients per APRN that were seen in the past 6 months of the chart review due date.
  • The Collaborating Physician will schedule a call with each APRN to review the chart reviews prior to the due date.
  • The Collaborating Physician will document feedback per chart review and submit it to the VP of Clinical Affairs by the due date below.
  • If the Collaborating Physician has any questions or concerns, they can reachout to the VP of Clinical Affairs for further guidance

Chart reviews will be completed by Collaborating Physicians Bi-Annually Chart reviews are due Bi-Annually on the following dates:

  • July 31st
  • January 31st

Physician Collaborator Review Template