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Assisted Living Communities

Onsite and Telehealth Psychiatric and Psychological Services

Your Total Support Partner

Psych360 works collaboratively with your staff to improve the overall mental health and quality of life of your residents. Specifically, we help assisted living communities strengthen family confidence/community relations and ensure consistent dialogue between physicians, staff, and pharmacists. Our approach is to be collaborative, responsive, and proactive as your 24/7 partner in delivering quality mental health solutions for residents.

Psych360 takes a proactive approach that:

  • Emphasizes aging in place
  • Decreases hospitalizations
  • Proactively identifies and treats cognitive issues
  • Nurtures family relationships
  • Successfully reduces psychotropics


The Renaissance of Richfield Assisted Living and Memory Care operates an advanced medical model that allows our residents to age in place both cognitively and medically with proactive treatments. Our current relationship with a primary care physician and other specialists was further enhanced by the introduction of Psych360 and its qualified team of clinicians that aid in the management of the behavioral health needs of our residents. Rocco and Nicole came in and really worked with our physician and staff to understand our philosophy and approach. The collaboration has been exceptional. — D Garrett, Director of Marketing

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