Who we Serve

Skilled Nursing Facilities

On-site and Telehealth Psychiatric and Psychological Services

< 2%

of our 24/7 on-call triages end up in hospitalization or ER visit


of our patients sustained a decrease or discontinuation of antipsychotics over a 6 month period


of our patients sustained a decrease or discontinuation of mood stabilizers over a 6 month period

Positive Outcomes. Compliant Communities.

We work every day to keep your residents healthy, community compliant, and your residents’ families aware of the good work you do. We resolve crisis situations as they occur, and our professional, knowledgeable, and experienced psychiatric and psychological support results in a high-quality behavioral treatment program for your community.

  • Employ a total-spectrum approach to improve the overall mental health and quality of life of each resident
  • Utilize a proprietary formulary to successfully reduce psychotropics
  • Ensure GDR compliance
  • 24/7 on-call access to mitigate hospitalizations
  • Improve your quality measures
  • Real-time access to clinical notes
  • Seamless integration with PointClickCare


Being an independent, family-owned nursing home, we have to be extremely careful outsourcing professional support services. Quality and value are key aspects of any selection, and I can honestly say that Psych360 has exceeded our expectations in every way. They’ve even reached out to resident families directly when they saw the need, and that’s been an incredible help for us.— Jill Herron, LNHA, President, Ohio Health Care Association

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