Geriatric Psychiatric Services

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Geriatric Psychiatric Services

Senior citizens, better known as Baby Boomers, 65+, are the fastest growing population in the country today. As this dynamic group matures, it is commanding a more sophisticated approach to aging. New attention is being placed on living environments, diet, physical fitness, and mental health such as depression, dementia and the connection between psychotropics and quality of life. To stay competitive and attract the right audience, facilities must offer a wide range of superior services that can ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Geriatric psychiatry is one of the most important services a long-term care facility can offer its residents. With the support of a company like Psych360, a facility can now provide high-quality psychiatric services that focus on prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for mental health issues that, when properly managed, can lead to a healthy outcome for each resident.

Psych360’s benefits to seniors in your facilities:

  • Improved mental health and overall quality of life.
  • Better optimization of medications.
  • Lower medication dosages can equal healthy outcomes.
  • Manage polypharmacy (reduce side effects and medication interactions).
  • Decrease costs.
  • Reduce falls.
  • Lessen hospitalizations.
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Why is geriatric psychiatry important with a growing senior population?

With the Baby Boomer generation fully engaging the long-term care industry across the nation this has created a huge demand for more sophisticated services. With the increased volume in patients, mental health is one of the more pronounced areas that stand out now more than ever before. Psych360’s founders, having recognized this need, responded by creating an APRN-driven model to improve access to care and efficiently reach this population. Our psychiatric services treat and manage issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction, dementia, pharmacology and more. Our team looks at the extensive background of each patient and then builds a program to help him or her.

How is Psych360’s approach to geropsych unique?

The foundation of Psych360’s approach is to focus on the whole person, what we refer to as Total Spectrum care. Our clinicians look at each case with considerations for historical, behavioral, mental, psychosocial and medical facets. We partner with the interdisciplinary team to build a complete picture of a resident’s well-being, the progression of health status, current health needs, and what future course is best. Our team has strong back-office support and protocols prior to each visit. We review EMRs, track psychotropic usage, and appraise recent developments to build an up to the minute evaluation. Our Psychiatric NPs come fully prepared to assist and support the care of your residents.

What does Psych360 offer in terms of on-site geriatric psychiatric services?

When a facility requests the services of the Psych360 Team, our psychiatric specialists provide the full on-site program:

  • Regular, reliable visits.
  • Experienced data gathering.
  • Clinical expertise.
  • Staff education.
  • Family interaction.
  • 24/7 support.

When we say total support, we mean it!

How do these services aid geriatric mental health?

The Psych360 Team is trained to evaluate, diagnose and treat. We’re strong advocates of non-pharmaceutical recommendations and always seek solutions, when appropriate, toward gradual dose reductions (GDRs). We take into consideration both the psychosocial and the medical component, as well as what we believe should be normal for the patient’s stage in life. And then, we make fully-informed recommendations that we hope have a positive impact on quality of life.

What credentials are held by Psych360’s staff members who will work with my seniors?

All Psych360 field staff, APRNs, and psychiatrists are Psychiatric mental health board certified. They are also certified by American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), and the State Board of Nursing, and have a minimum of a Master’s Degree of Science in Nursing. The staff serving your senior population consists of psychiatric advanced practitioner registered nurses. These include psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNPs) and certified nurse specialists (CNS).

Psych360 is totally focused on long-term care. Our APRNs, are required to have advanced training with either a Master’s or Doctorate and are board certified as a psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioners or psychiatric/mental health certified nurse specialists. They are trained to diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications. They go through a rigorous training program that includes on-going education. The training focuses on caring for all forms of mental illness and includes significant training on dementia, pharmacology, and non-pharmacologic approaches to care.

APRNs including psych/mental health nurse practitioners and certified nurse specialists, all are trained to: diagnose, treat, and prescribe. Advanced training (master’s/doctorate) is needed in order to do so.

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