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Psych360’s Culture & Credentials

Psych360 is uniquely positioned in today’s marketplace as an innovative leader and committed provider of psychiatric healthcare. We seek out the highest quality employees, empower them with clear initiatives, and support them with the latest technology to perform in the field to their highest potential. We value the individual, their training, our team approach, and our dedication as a collective force to improve the quality of life for every person we serve. 

We treat our clients and our employees with respect and dignity. We foster a responsive environment and encourage teammates to ask questions, seek solutions, and feel supported, which translates to accelerated professional growth and the highest quality service available delivered to our clients.   

Our organization is founded in the following core values: I.S. W.O.R.T.H.

How our values benefit your long term care facility:

We push to stay on the leading-edge of psychiatric care to ensure your residents are getting the best services possible. We never want to stop learning or make positive changes.  

We strive to serve both your residents and your staff. Rather than applying a pre-fabricated program, we tailor your facility’s psychiatric care to your needs. 

We’ve intentionally designed our psychiatric services to help your residents be healthier, your facility to be compliant, and you to be happy with the decision you made to partner with us. When you win, we win. 

Own It
We don’t make excuses or pass blame. We empower our team to own everything that is related to your facility’s psychiatric care. 

Right Things, Right Now
We know that efficiency and effectiveness are crucial when it comes to your residents’ mental health. That is why we offer responsive 24/7 total support. 

We partner with your staff in a collaborative approach. 

While we strive to be abreast of psychiatric developments, we aren’t proud enough to think we know it all. We are always available to listen to your feedback and input. 

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