Psychiatric Care Model

Psych360 approaches psychiatric treatment through a systematic algorithm with a team approach:

Board-Certified APRN 

Clients are assigned dedicated Board-Certified Psychiatric/Mental-Health Nurse Practitioner specialists. This maintains patient and staff relationship consistency as well as familiarity with the provider’s regularly scheduled in-person visitations.

Research, Review, and Care Coordination

Psych360 spends a significant amount of time reviewing medical records, researching previously attempted GDRs (Gradual Dose Reductions) through engaging PCPs, staff, pharmacy, patients, and responsible family members to determine appropriate mental-health care plans.

Staff Educational In-Service

We provide routine educational in-services for staff, which develop new workflow continuity and teach techniques for staff to implement non-pharmacological interventions. Education also offers insight into mental health regulations and ongoing changes in guidelines and best practices. We also cover CMS and ASCP medication recommendations.

Best Practices Utilization

Psych360 has compiled a best practices guide from experience operating in many long-term and skilled settings, which we update and share with our clients.

Experienced Psychiatric Care Team

The Director of Clinical Affairs, also board-certified in psychiatry/mental-health, manages and collaborates with our specialists. Psych360’s Medical Director and team consult as a resource for the Psych/Mental-Health NP Team. Psych360’s Pharmacist Consultant is utilized as a resource for the Psych/Mental-Health NP Team. Psychiatric nurses support the clinical-team administrative workload, data entry, and EMR management.

Documentation Within 24 Hours

EMR notes are customized based on state/federal regulations. Notes also are turned around within one to two days for accurate, up-to-date records. We ensure proper documentation with regular audits on our charting.

Our business office and clinical services manager supports the clinical team by organizing workflow between the client and our organization.

Clinical/Patient Engagement

Psych360’s regional university preceptor program provides opportunities for Psychiatric/Mental-Health NP and DNP students. Students participate in externship/clinical hours and gain direct experience in psychiatry, while under the oversight of the primary provider. This program also offers more clinician-patient engagement while on-site as well. (on and off-site? – incomplete thought.)

Regional Hospitals

Psych360 has the experience with hospitals that helps us establish collaborative efforts for more open and consistent communication regarding patient care. In addition, our familiarity offers us insight into quality, value-based care metrics and analytics, which can offer direction in strategic planning for care delivery as our complex healthcare system evolves in the United States.

Integration with Primary Care

Integration of primary care and mental health care, also known as Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC) + is a value-based-care initiative driven by Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Psych360 participates in specific primary care group care compacts thus working toward improved integration of primary and mental-health patient care.

With recent initiatives from CMS, the integrated behavioral care model, primary care physicians will have access to these services to deliver value-based care to the Medicare recipients. 

Behavioral health integration (BHI) refers to members of a primary care team and behavioral health practitioners (Psych360) working together with patients and families and using a systematic, cost-effective approach to provide patient-centered care. This care may address mental health, health behaviors (including their contribution to chronic medical illnesses), life stressors and crises, stress-related physical symptoms, and ineffective patterns of healthcare utilization.

Secure On-Call Communication

Psych360 has established multiple HIPAA compliant technology platforms for easy and streamlined direct communication for both the staff and the patient’s family. Our providers are on-call 24/7 to help manage patient care between on-site visits.

Valued Team of Advisors

Psych360 has constructed an Advisory Board Council consisting of physicians, attorneys, businesses, and finance professionals. We also retain healthcare legal counsel and CMS consultants. These are important to our clients and our internal operations so we remain current and accurate with practice guidelines and industry regulations.

We consistently work to serve as your total support partner and strive for improved resident outcomes regarding their mental health conditions, mental disorders, and mental illness. Our goal for the Psych360 care model is healthier residents and compliant facilities. 

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