Infographic for Maryland Nursing Homes Psychiatric Health: April 2019

Psych360 recently created and launched an infographic that displays data measuring the average percentage of incidents experienced by residents in a Nursing Home including a Skilled Nursing Facility. This infographic offers a tool for Skilled Nursing Facilities to compare how they rank against averages for the state of Maryland and national averages in multiple categories of care. The information displayed–sourced from–provides an easy to read view of averages for both short-term and long-term residents. The infographic will be updated when new data becomes available. 

Simply CLICK the graphic below to enlarge it for easier viewing.

Maryland Facilities Quality report.
Key IndicatorsState AverageNational Average
Physical restraints used in long term residents .2%.3%
Falls with injuries in short term residents 2.7%3.4%
Falls with injuries in long term residents N/A.9%
Antipsychotic medication administered in short term residents 1.7%1.8%
Antipsychotic medication administered in long term residents 12.4%14.6%
Depression symptoms in long term residents 3.9%4.6%
Anti-anxiety/hypnotic medications used in long term residents 16.2%4.6%
Behavioral symptoms in long term residents N/AN/A

“Psych360 is excited to be able to provide a practical and useful tool for directors and administrators of Skilled Nursing Facilities to be able to gauge the psychiatric health of their facilities,” says President and Psych APRN Nicole Coniglio.

The infographic will be available on the Psych360 website as well as on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Subscribers to the company’s e-updates will receive the infographic with each update.

Psych360 is an APRN led group seeking to provide psychiatric care to Long Term Care facilities and struggling quality providers. The expanding company currently provides services to Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities throughout Maryland and Ohio.