Suit Settlement to Protect Psych360’s Trademark

Cleveland, Ohio, July 17, 2020 – Psych360 (Headquartered in Medina, OH) announced that it has resolved its federal lawsuit against GeroPsych Associates, Dr. Matthew Hilfer, and Sapphire Health, seeking to prevent Dr. Mathew Hilfer,, which it brought to stop infringement of its trademark rights and to prevent confusion in the market.

In February 2020, Psych360 discovered that Dr. Mathew Hilfer had engaged in a pattern of conduct that created a substantial risk of confusion that he and his companies were in some way affiliated with Psych360. With actual knowledge of Psych360’s pre-existing rights, Dr. Hilfer through Sapphire Health formed a new company in Pennsylvania called “Psych360 Ltd.,” acquired the and internet domains and used them to divert web traffic, and applied for and obtained a federal trademark registration that includes Psych360’s distinctive and well-known Psych360 mark.

Recognizing the significant risk posed by these actions, which inhibited an extremely vulnerable patient population from contacting their designated care providers, Psych360 immediately took action by filing a federal lawsuit against Dr. Hilfer, Sapphire Health and Psych360 Ltd. in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio and moved for entry of a preliminary injunction. Psych360 agreed to settle its lawsuit after Dr. Hilfer and his companies agreed to transfer to Psych360 the and internet domain names and their federal trademark registration and stipulated to a permanent injunction.

Psych360 continues to look forward to serving the mental health needs of communities across the Mid-West and Mid-Atlantic. Psych360 offers in-person and telehealth psychiatric and psychological care in both the long-term care space and to individuals through its outpatient clinic.

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