Give your residents the Mental Health Care they deserve.

Give yourself the Peace of Mind you deserve.

How Do We Empower You To Do This?

Our Focus, Our People, and Our Capabilities

Our Focus

Your peace of mind starts with knowing that we are 100% focused on providing mental health care solutions in long-term care communities. Mental health care isn’t an add-on service for us or an afterthought to some other primary service we offer. It’s all we do.

Listen as Jill Herron, current President of OHCA and Owner/Administrator of Welcome Nursing Home, describes a specific interaction with a state surveyor after partnering with Psych360.

You already have enough to worry about from staffing issues, to state surveys, to reimbursement/regulatory changes. When you choose to partner with Psych360, you can rest at ease knowing that your residents are receiving the absolute best mental health care available.

450+ Communities

We currently partner with over 450 long-term care communities throughout Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

150,000+ Patient Visits

Our Board Certified Mental Health Care Providers conduct over 150,000 patient visits annually.

8+ Years

With over 8 years of experience partnering with communities like yours, we have the expertise you can rely on.

Our People

All of our Providers are Board Certified Mental Health Care clinicians. And they’re all employed by Psych360 – that means no contractors or agency staff.  When you choose to partner with Psych360, you’re gaining an entire team of mental health care specialists that you can always communicate with and count on.

Our Capabilities

We’ve invested in an infrastructure that offers capabilities that are unique to Psych360. These include the following:

Clinical Expertise

Our Providers take responsibility for all psychotropic medications AND address GDRs on every visit. Our exclusive Clinical Decision Support Tools mean better patient outcomes. You can expect all notes and documentation accessible to you typically within 24 hours after each visit.


Psych360 offers 24/7 emergency on-call services to reduce hospitalizations. We provide both on-site and telehealth visits to give your community options for new admissions, emergencies, and COVID-related situations.


Since we have an entire team of Board Certified Mental Health clinicians, we work with your staff to schedule consistent visits on days that are best for your community.

Quality of Life

Giving your residents the mental health care they deserve means improving their overall quality of life. And that means giving yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Connect with us today to discuss the simple steps to partnering with Psych360.

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“Psych360 is a partner that is always there for us whether we have a pressing need or seek longer term strategies. The company’s team has added significant value at our skilled nursing facilities by getting on board with each new site quickly, integrating seamlessly with our systems and culture, and providing on-site mental health providers to assist in the delivery of services and assessments.

The organization saves our staff considerable time by delivering care directly and even handling emergent visits. Other value-added services Psych360 provides for us include ensuring compliance and thorough documentation with pharmacy partners, assisting with hospital admissions when absolutely necessary, and providing staff education. Psych360 is home-grown right here in northeast Ohio, and we’re happy to have them as a trusted healthcare partner.”

-Kevin Daubenmire, CEO, Crown Healthcare Group